27 April 2009


I have fallen in love,
With the world,
Something that Thy has pre-warned me,
Something I never thought I would be.

The beauty that I have defied before,
Now suffocates me,
Never ever I noticed before,
A women existance,
Shatter the very me,
For I felt weak and pathetic,
At a glance of you,
Astounded, I stumbled like a berserk.

Wealth has embraced me,
Like an infant deserving attention,
I dream and covet it,
As I began to lose what I have in me.

I fought hard and lose,
Woke up, fought and lose, again,
Soon I realized the abyss in me,
Draining every quench of pleasure I have in life,
Burying me in a life of suffering.

I covet a presence,
Who will satisfy me,
Who would push me,
In my quest of intangible wealth,
Poverty would exalt her loyalty,
Who notices my weakness,
Yet blanket me with faith and warmth,
And hugs of eternity.

1 ulasan:

  1. salam..
    ehehhe.. cinta dunia ke........... dunia cinta ke.....? =p
    nice poem. =D


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