10 Mei 2009


For beauty is a curse,
Thus women falter,
From graces they were,
To blazes of fire.

Alas, it burdens my weary eyes,
It grope my beating heart,
Like a punch to the stomach,
As I watch women pass by,
Hunger for attention,
Thirst for devotion,
From men who are flawed,
Yet accounted by God,
To lead them to happiness.

For I am just another flawed man,
Disgruntled with the world,
Yet his own problem is undone.

Oh women,
My hearfelt feeling goes to you,
For dreaming since young,
To engage another half of you,
To be supportive,
To be faithful,
To be compassionate,
To be truthful,
For the sake of appreciation,
As a return,
For a sense of significance,
In the life of a man,
That she chose to love,
Truly you are the queens of heaven,
In the hereafter.

Let truth be known,
Many of you has gone astrayed,
Driven by men, driven by wealth,
Driven by beauty that thou possess,

Let thy heart be soothed,
Beauty is a curse,
For without beauty,
You are already beautiful.

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  1. indah sungguh seperti indahnya si cantik itu.. =p


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